12 Bad Habits from Real Estate Agents in 2017!

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During this time of the year, most real estate agents who are goal oriented

are planning for the following year and reflecting on the old year. As I was

doing my time of reflecting, I thought about some of the actions from some

real estate agents in 2017. I’m sure this wasn’t the first year but I thought

I would expose some of the bad habits. If you are a new agent, try

to develop some great habits from the start.


We are true professionals and we do make a decent living. We can’t get too

lazy where we stop treating our business like a business and value our



Here are My Highlights on The

Bad Habits From Real Estate Agents in 2017:

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  1. Getting paid your commission and not setting aside money for taxes.
  2. Stop Learning.
  3. Working 24/7 and not taking care of your health.
  4. Be on Social Media clicking likes all day.
  5. Too busy to call other agents back.
  6. Have your assistant lie and say they are you to show properties.
  7. Let others use your multiple listing service (MLS).
  8. Send a contract to be signed electronically and tell the client to sign without explaining what they are signing.
  9. Having a website and have not updated the website since 2013.
  10. Get leads and count it as a bad lead without following up.
  11. Give your clients the lockbox code where they go see the properties without you being present.
  12. Not going to a closing and telling your client to bring your commission check.


Dr. Karen Jones Lewis, Real Estate Broker

“The Doc in Real Estate”

K1 Realty Group



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