14 Tips on Buying New Construction!

     Once you are in the home buying phase and decide you want to purchase new construction, I have outlined 14 tips for you when it comes to buying new construction.  

 1.  Homework for You:  

  • Look around the community
  • Scout the neighborhood
  • Drive by the area different times 
  • Check out the builder review sites, check for any liens, judgments, etc. on the builder

2.  Work with a real estate agent:  When you walk into a new subdivision and you see the sales person greeting you with that big wonderful smile, remember they are working for the builder and not for you.  Contact an agent before you start shopping for new construction.  Interview an agent who specializes in new construction.  The agent will have some insight as to how the process will go, be familiar with the areas, understand the builder’s contract and provide you with valuable information.  No worries for you because the builder pays the agent a commission.

3.  Know what’s standard and what’s an upgrade:  When you walk into those gorgeous models, they are supposed to make you want your home identical to the model.  More than likely, since the builder wants to sell you all the bells and whistles, the upgrades could cost thousands of dollars more than the list price.  Try not to over improve – what that means is that with all your upgrades, you will have the highest value in the area.  Have a conversation early about what is standard and what is an upgrade.      

4.  Read the association’s rules and regulations:  Do not wait until you close on the property before you find out the rules for the home or condo association.  Do not put that 500 page book aside that the developer gives you.  Read it or the least you should do is call the association and discuss before closing.

5.  Warranties:  Find out about all the warranties on every item and see how long the warranties will last. 

6.  Home Inspection:  Do your own inspection before closing.  We know the house is new but remember you want to have a team on your side that will protect YOU. 

7.  Read the contract:  Sit down with your real estate agent and read the contract in its entirety.  

8.  Pay close attention to move in date:  Expect there could be a delay on the completion of the home so make sure that you don’t have your furniture in a U-haul truck until you know for sure that you are closing. 

9.  Involve your agent:  Involve your agent in every part of the process. I recommend each time you go to the subdivision or speak with the sales agent for the builder, make sure that your real estate agent accompanies you each time. 

10.  Enjoy the process:  Take lots of pictures and videos throughout the entire time for memories. 

11.  Ask for leftovers:  Most times the builder will leave you the leftovers.  If they do not, ask for leftovers such as paint, tile, carpet scraps, etc.

12.  Checklist:  Sit down with your agent and do a checklist on what needs to be done and the dates needed to complete.  Do not take this process lightly and that way it will keep you abreast of the process.

13.  Ask questions:  Ask questions and then some.

14.  Celebration Time:  Now, it’s time to sign on the dotted line and let’s close the deal.  Let’s Celebrate.  Buying a new construction is well worth the wait. 


   If you are looking for new construction in your area, call us.  We specialize in new construction and we will take you on a private tour in your desired area.  Our private tour is more than a five minute walk through and call it a day.  Let us show you. 

 New Construction Town Homes in South Broward!

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