Are you Consistent with Marketing?



If you have been in business for more than one year, then I am sure you have heard that marketing is the bloodline of a business. And, if you do a survey you will notice that most real estate agents have not allocated money for a marketing budget. In real estate, it will be up to me to determine my success. I will become in the business and marketing plays a valuable component in the equation.

Find you some marketing gurus and follow them.  You will pick up some pointers on how to take your marketing to another level.

What marketing system do you have in place?  It’s important to have at least three marketing methods in place if you want to grow in the real estate business.  Some people may not be social media marketers because that does not work for them.  They may just use for exposure on their business.

We have a lot of avenues when it comes to marketing our business.  See below on some options:

  • Social Media
  • Drip Marketing Emails
  • Networking
  • Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Videos
  • Farming
  • Lead generating
  • Pass out business cards
  • Internet
  • Seminars
  • Word of Mouth
  • Past clients
  • Open houses
  • Door knocking
  • Referrals

I am sure you can think of other marketing strategies.  The key in business is find something that you can do now to market your business.  As you market, start allocating money for a marketing budget.  The key to marketing is being consistent and the results will come.

Ask yourself these four questions?

  1. When you market, are you marketing your ideal client?
  2. Are you using at least three marketing strategies?
  3. Are you consistent?
  4. Do you track results?

Pepsi, Apple, McDonalds, State Farm and many other Fortune 500 companies, they get it.  Think about this as a real estate agent:  If you don’t stay in your client’s face, how many clients do you think will call when they are ready to move in five years especially when someone in their family is a real estate agent.  They may call you but you are playing hit or miss.  You can’t have a successful real estate career like that.  Marketing is a Must!

Let’s Get this Marketing Party Started!

Dr. Karen Jones Lewis, Real Estate Broker

K1 Realty Group



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