Cross Fit is Calling Me for Three Months!

Fit man and woman training by kettlebell.

Working out is a lifestyle for me.  I normally do some type of workout four to five days per week whether it’s walking or lifting weights.  In the last six months, I had not seen any progress and I have gained a few pounds.

I have been going to physical therapy for the last few weeks for pain in my knee.  Next door is a Cross Fit training facility and I decided to check it out.

Cross Fit is a high intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.  The words “high intensity” scared me.

The owner invited me to come back the next day for a complimentary workout.  I enjoyed myself and I believe that Cross Fit is my prescription to getting back in shape.

Public Announcement:  I am joining for three months.

My desired outcome:

1.  To lose weight

2.  To tone

3.  To gain strength

4.  To meet some great people

Thank you Barbara Todaro for encouraging me to follow through!

Karen Jones Lewis, Realtor 305-323-1556

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