What Type of Checklist Should I have When Buying New Construction?

What Type of Checklist Should I have When Buying New Construction?

After you sign a contract on a new construction properties, here is a simple checklist for you to follow:

New Construction Process Checklist:

 □   Date of first deposit:  ____________________________________________

□   Date for any other deposits:  ______________________________________

□   Get dates on each phase for completion:  ____________________________

□   Find out all the financing steps from lender and make note:  _____________

□   Make sure you know the exact amount of money that you will need for down payment, closing costs, interest rate, and monthly mortgage payment.  These numbers will be an estimate but at least you will have an idea:

Down payment:  ____________________________

Closing Costs:   ____________________________

Interest rate:  ____________________________________

Mortgage Payment:  _______________________________

□   Set date to review contract again with your real estate agent:  ____________

□   Make a contact list (Include profession, name, email, & phone number) on those who are involved in the process?  (Example Contact List)

Realtor Karen Lewis karenjoneslewisrealtor@gmail.com 305-3231556
Mortgage Jane Doe jane@abc.com 305-1234567
Title Co. John Doe john@def.com 954-1238888
Inspector Donald Doe Donald@doe.com 857-3334567

□   Find out when all parties will give you update on the transaction-if they say they will give you update weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.  Hold them accountable) (Example)

Karen Lewis will send me an email twice per month for an update June 1, 2015 □

June 30, 2015 □

□   Select dates on when you can tour the property so that you will have before and after pictures.  Make this process a memorable experience especially if this is your 1st home (Take plenty pictures)

June 1, 2015                     2:00 pm     Tour my home
August 1, 2015                 3:30 pm      Tour my home
October 1, 2015               1:30 pm       Tour my home
November 30, 2015         9:00 am        Final walk thru

□   One month before the final walk thru, check with everyone to see if everything is going according to plan

□   Set date with your home inspector for doing final walk thru:  ____________

□   Let’s take it to the closing table!  Enjoy & Celebrate your special moment

Many buyers will take this part on following a checklist for granted and will not do; but I can assure you that if you do a checklist when buying a new construction property, your process will be smoother.

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