How Do I Choose an Exceptional Real Estate Agent?

     We can google and find out why as a buyer we should use a real estate agent. I am sure you will find hundreds of reasons why you should use a real estate agent.  Here are some of the major reasons for you to look out for when choosing an exceptional real estate agent.

An exceptional real estate agent will:    

Will allow you to interview their past clients

Will be glad to answer all your questions

Be familiar with the area on where you want to buy

Explain the contract and other disclosures

Guide you through the entire process of the transaction

Give you honest feedback

Solve and avoid problems

Negotiate contracts

Set you up on receiving automatic listings through the Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Keep up with all the paperwork and deadline dates

Stay with you even after the deal closes

Help your family and or friends with their real estate needs 

Stays abreast of updated laws

Return all calls, emails, and or text in a timely manner

Have your best interest at heart

Give you timely updates

Make sure all the pieces of the puzzles are put together (Example:  Lender, Title Company, etc. are doing their part)

Become your lifetime friend  

     When choosing a real estate agent, interview at least three agents.  Make sure that you all are compatible.  Do not choose a real estate agent because you are friends with the agent.  Make sure they are able to meet your expectations.  In the beginning, let the real estate agents know what you expect of them.  In the State of Florida, there are over 221,000 real estate agents (Source:  Tampa Bay News, Feb, 2017).  Take your time and don’t rush the process of choosing an exceptional real estate agent.  You will be satisfied when you choose an exceptional real estate agent!

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