Is Your Website Accessible to the Disabled?


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Is Your Website Accessible to the Disabled?

I think about rental properties or even public bathrooms being equipped for the disabled but I have not given any thought to my website being user friendly for the disabled. I read an article on how attorneys are scoping out real estate companies and agents’ websites to file a lawsuit if they are not equipped for individuals with disabilities. We know lawyers thrive on opportunities to sue and they are knocking at our door this go around. I have not heard of any incidents where they have sued any real estate agent or company yet.

In my research, according to the UN, approximately one billion people in the world live with disabilities. It hits home for me. My spouse is disabled and when he is searching the various websites online. I help him navigate on the site because most sites are not disabled friendly. I also checked out ten top real estate companies in my local area and noticed that not one of their website was user friendly for the disabled.

Is your website accessible to the disabled? 

If the answer is yes, then I applaud you.

My recommendation at this point: Do more research to make sure you are in compliance. Another great nugget it’s always good to take your real estate game up a notch and beat the crownd by making sure your website is accessible for the disabled. We don’t want the attorneys knocking at our door.

Four simple tips to get you started in the direction of a website that will accommodate disabled individuals:

1. Make sure you font is legible and clean.

2. Make sure your website navigate thru the keyboard.

3. Make sure that your website is well organized.

4. Include an accessibility guide.

Dr. Karen Jones Lewis, Real Estate Broker
“The Doc in Real Estate”
K1 Realty Group

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