What Can I Do to Help Sell My Home?

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I am sure that your real estate agent will do their job to the fullest.  Here are some simple tips for you:

1.  Keep your house clean and neat when you get ready to show.

2.  If it’s a single family home or townhouse, make sure the landscaping is well kept.  If it’s a condominium,  sweep up by the front door and it would also be nice to get a welcome mat.

3.  Have some deodorizers or candles to make your home smell good and make sure that it does not have a bad odor or food smell.

4.  Remove the pets when showing.  Yes, because you maybe the only one that love your dog named Spot.

5.  Have lots of light in the house when you have showings.

6. Make sure that the air conditioning unit is at a good temperature.

7.  Try to box up some of the items that you have been holding on to for the last 20 years instead of leaving them scattered all over.

8.  If you are selling the house “as is,” try to repair the little things that not costly.

9.  Remove the distractions whether it’s the family photos, or even pictures that would offend buyers (This is touchy sometimes).  This is a two- fold situation because some buyers could start conversations with you about your pictures and you all may have something in common and that could help you make the decision on who you will sell your house too if the price is right.  It can also make or break a deal with a buyer because the buyer could get offended.  In reference to this, I tell my clients:  If you have a lot of pictures on display or if it’s offensive, take some pictures down or the ones that would offend others.  Your number one goal is to SELL YOUR HOME.  It’s nothing personal.

10.  Review your listing once your agent puts it in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and be mindful on how good your photos look and read the remarks.

11.  Think of everything that you can tell your agent all the reasons on why you would buy your home.

12.  Be friendly to the buyers that shows up.

13.  Tell your family and friends.



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My name is Dr. Karen Jones Lewis. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida and also licensed in Georgia. My desired goal is helping clients with their real estate and property management news. In addition, I have a responsibility to share my wealth of knowledge to other agents who are new in the industry. Let's have fun together on our journey!


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