Which Kitchen Would You Choose?


     Having a beautiful kitchen is a major deciding factor when buyers are searching for homes.  I did a survey to 50 mothers in South Florida and 83% said they spend at least two to three hours per day in the kitchen. 

Just for Fun:  Which Kitchen would you like in your home?


Kitchen One

Kitchen Two

     Now, that you have picked kitchen one or two, tell me why.  I would love to hear from you.  

      If having a beautiful kitchen is your preference, call me today and I will ensure that I find you a property with a kitchen that works for you.  

Karen Jones Lewis, Realtor 


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Greetings, My name is Karen Jones Lewis. I am a licensed real estate agent in South Florida. My desired goal is helping clients with their real estate needs. I also have a responsibility to share my wealth of real estate knowledge to other real estate agents who are new in the industry and have fun through it all.



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